About us

CALL OF THE VOID is a clothing company built on the foundations of evolution. The passion to never adhere to useless restrictions or limitations that hold us back in the moments that we need to be free.  The power of knowing how to evolve whenever it suits us. Call of the Void is the vehicle I hope to use to express my dreams and goals in a physical and tangible medium. As this company begins to grow, we hope to present you with an array of visual sensations that will help raise your awareness to a plethora of different things. Each drop of clothing that we provide will therefore focus on something different. We will explore topics that are close to our hearts and interests. All of our ideas turned physical and then presented to our customers, not just for their enjoyment but for ours too, because this is our passion. We wholeheartedly believe in giving back to the community that gives to us, and therefore a percentage of our profits from each drop will be donated back to charities supporting those who are affected by mental health issues and suicide. We believe it is only right to take the opportunity to thank those who spend their time helping others through the worst moments of their life and who, without their assistance, this company would surely not have existed.

Call of the Void is a rough translation of the French term L’appel du vide. The Definition by urban dictionary user crackerjackbilly is quoted below

L'appel du vide is that tiny voice that tells you to jerk the steering wheel just to the right and take a flying leap off the ledge...that inclination to walk right into the ocean and never return...the call of the Siren song.”

While I’ll have to agree and disagree with Urban Dictionary user “crackerjackbilly” here, Call of the Void to me is more an affirmation to life. The future for CALL OF THE VOID seems expansive and mysterious to us now, and we continue to be inspired by so many figures throughout history, but also by the people around us and the places that have brought us to where we are today. When it comes to the future, there is no telling what’s going to happen next, but what we do know is that we’re going to continue to create art that is important to us, and clothes that are important to you. We are committed to spreading the thoughts and the ideas that are valuable to us, and continuing to grow as a brand, bringing you items of clothing you’ll be desperate to sport all while donating back to the charities that keep us afloat no matter what we’re dealing with. The first drop of our company will be one that is closest to my heart indeed, something that represents my own home and my background, something that I’d love to put my spin on and bring to my customers with a fresh eye – the lobster industry in Maine